Segunda-feira, 12 de Setembro de 2011

Purple Rain

Can't flirty be elegant?

I have this adorable earings that are cats with pink bows and a pearl... they are really fun and flirty. The question is. If you wear them with an elegant outfit, will it still remain flirty? And will it adapt to the style without looking to forced?

I think it can :)



(Oh, and I bought this lovely nail polish, as well as the hat - at VFNO, of course :) )







(It is almoust like - find out the two differences =P)



(Yes, I was falling :s)



 (even when it gets a little colder, the Lisbon light never seems to fade...)



Lovely,right?  :)






Blouse - Primark


Jeans - Elizabetta Franchi


Rainboots - La Redoute


Hat - H&M


Earings - Custo Barcelona


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